Teake Kastelein
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Visual Design, UX Design, Product Design

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  • Role

    Design lead & production
  • Company

    Axians, via Concept7
  • Project type

    Product design
RepleniQ - the smart inventory management system

RepleniQ is a self-learning inventory/ supply management system designed for grocery stores of various sizes. RepleniQ leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to predict patterns to resupply inventory based on prior orders. RepleniQ runs on a browser environment and works in conjunction with handheld PDA's.

Whilst the product is well received among their clients, their internal product team wanted to take it to the next level. As there were a lot of opportunities for improvement, especially on the design front, Axians hired us to explore and overhaul the product experience. For Axians - RepleniQ, we did a Product UX/UI audit and a product redesign.

Complete case study coming soon...

RepleniQ - logo redesign
RepleniQ - product shot
RepleniQ - order data
RepleniQ - UI/UX interactions
RepleniQ - PDA redesign preview